Advantages Of Hiring Pc Support Services

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In the modern time, PC has become the basic need of one’s life. It has made one’s access to virtual world possible. But sometimes because of some reasons your PC might stop functioning and create a trouble. In such cases, you need professional support and there are many companies that are providing pc support services to individuals and small businesses.

computer suport

Virus and spyware removal:  When you have the virus in your pc, you have to deal with much hassle. Virus deletes or corrupts the data on your pc and can even delete everything on the computer’s hard disk. There are some malware such as spyware installed in your pc without your knowledge and collect your personal information and advertising data. Spyware can also trace the internet quest habits and can redirect one’s browser to a various websites than one intends to.

PC support companies provide you service of rogue security system that will alert about any malware that is infecting your pc and will prompt you to buy or download a product such as shield antivirus, fixer etc. that will remove the virus.

Upgrading the operating system – there are many times when your system hangs too much and the programs show lag time. This can be due to the upgrade required by the operating system. The professionals will upgrade the system for you in order to ensure smooth functioning of the device.

Backing up of files – if you wish to keep a back up of your important files but do not know how to do it then you can consider seeking help of the professionals. They will create a backup so that you do not face any trouble in case the data gets lost.…

Android Vs. iPhone – Top Reasons Why Android Is Still Much Better Choice Than iPhone!

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These days, Apple’s iPhones are catching the best attention of people, but there must be some reasons why still more than 82% of the new smart phones that are sold run on Android! While Apple offers an entirely catered experience and the company itself dictates, which apps the users can run and which features your phone might have, Android lets the customers choose from a wide range of hardware as well as software. Well, read on to know why Android still is a ruler!

High resolution screens

Most of the popular smart phones like Hammer Phone that run on Android are available in great resolution screens. It makes them ideal for reading, high-res video viewing, gaming, and much more. Some of the Android phones even come with displays of 1080p!

Customization options

You may think that Apple actually knows what you want and what is best for you and so it locks the User Interface offering very few customizations options than what the Google does, right? Who would want to get limited options when it comes to selecting widgets and other features? Well, with Android, the ultimate choice lies in your hand. You can choose from an ample of widgets living on your lock or home screens and provide each and everything, right from music playback to note taking, and much more!

If you want a multi-tasking phone, Android phone can be the best choice for you. So, make a smart decision now and head to buy the right phone for you!…